Sunday at the Capital Challenge Equitation Weekend

Sept. 27, 2009

2009 North American Equitation Champion: Chase Boggio on Graphiq (pictured on Saturday)

Another day of excellent competition is in the books. Three big winners emerged:

Chase Boggio won the North American Equitation (we were very pleased with that, as he was one of our favorites based on his #2 ranking on the 2009 Eq Index). He rode just beautifully and his horse Graphiq went around very smoothly with a lovely rhythm. He completely dominated, winning by more than 6 points. Not even a rideoff this year. Reserve went to Laura King and we hear there's not a nicer young woman on the circuit. Congrats!

Sylvia DeToledo won the THIS National Children's Medal Final. People probably don't realize how difficult it is to qualify for these finals, it's unbelievably competitive and a real grind all year to accumulate the points to attend the finals. So each of those kids walking into the ring has already accomplished something impressive. Nonetheless, Sylvia emerged as the champion on Lion King, who is like the "Grappa" of 3' equitation. He's won the children's medal three times now, with sisters Lindsey and Kristen Mohr (they own him) and now Sylvia. He also won the Ariat Adult Final in '07 with Lindsey. He's a star, and Sylvia rode him to perfection. Props to reserve champion Sydney Calloway, she also rode brilliantly. The final result was very, very close and very well ridden.

Charlene Graham won the North American Adult Equitation title. She epitomized the classic "hunter" in hunter seat equitation, riding two lovely flowing courses on her pretty bay mare "Only You." Charlene was a delighted winner, which was nice to see. Reserve went to Melissa Feller, who was also the 2008 reserve champion in the Ariat Adult Medal Final. She rode her courses in a wonderful forward pace which was nice to watch.

The Capital Challenge Equitation Weekend, presented by us --!!! -- has come to a close. Congratulations to all the horses and riders for a great weekend of competition.

For those who were unable to attend or watch online at We taped the rounds of the winners. They're on YouTube. Click the links below. Enjoy!


Chase Boggio & Graphiq

Sylvia DeToledo & Lion King

Charlene Graham

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