Advertise your Farm with offers advertising for hunter/jumper show and sale barns through our Hunter/Jumper Barn Links program. Hunter/Jumper Barn Links are posted on the home page and every search result page on the website. Our current rates are as follows (paid up front):

- 1 month $150
- 6 months $540
- 12 months $780

Thinking of using our service? A few things to know: 

- Feel free to email us and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions. 

- You'll need to register an account with us. 

- Submitting your ad is super quick and easy and will be online within 1 business day; and if you need assistance we'll help you. 

- Our audience is specifically focused on buying and selling hunter/jumper show horses, and is modest in size compared to general classified sites, but our audience is loyal and targeted specifically for the hunter/jumper industry. If your horse or pony does not fit into this category, we recommend using a different classifieds website


 If you'd like to advertise your barn, go ahead and give us a try! We look forward to helping you promote your farm and sell your hunter/jumper horses and ponies. Thank you for considering to advertise your farm and horses and ponies.


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