Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help, feel free to contact us. We answer emails within 1 business day.



Q. Where can I find your ad pricing?
A. Please visit

Q. Does it work?
A. Yes, we have a large and extremely loyal audience of shoppers. Read our testimonials. Not every ad will result in a sale, but we have a strong history of success for our sellers.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. We accept all the major credit cards.


Q. How long will my ad run for?
A. Please visit

Q. Can I renew or upgrade my ad?
A. Yes. Any ad can be renewed at any point during the ad run. This will bump your listing to the top of search results again. Lower tier ads may be upgraded anytime as well.

Q. Is there any commission involved with using
A. Nope! We offer classifieds and are not a brokerage service. No commission, just a flat listing fee.



Q. I cannot upload my photos because they're too big. Help!
A. Photos should be 5MB or less and JPG or TIF files. Please email them to us, and we will resize and upload them for you.

Q. How do I get my video link up?
A. Create an account with YouTube or another video service and upload your video there. Go to the YouTube page with your video on it, and find where it says, "Embed." In the text box next to this, copy all the coding into the video link boxes on your ad.


Q. Every time I try to save my ad, I get an error saying I need to enter a price. Why is it not working?
A. All ads require a price entered, even if you "hide" it by selecting "Inquire". Please enter a price and your ad will properly save.

Q. What "Price Display Method" should I use?
A. You have the following options in the Price Display Method box:

  1. Show Actual Price: your horse's price will be shown exactly as entered in the price field.
  2. Inquire for Price: the price of your horse will not be shown anywhere on the website.
  3. Price range: The exact price of your horse will not be shown anywhere on the website. Our system will automatically assign your horse into one of our pre-determined price ranges. For example, if you list a horse for $55,000, it will display in the '40-59k' price range.

Q. How do I list my price in another currency besides US Dollars?
A. All prices on the website are in US Dollars. Please convert your price to USD before listing it on your ad.


Q. Can you explain the difference between "Ad Views" and "Search Hits" for my listing?
A. Ad views are how many people visited the individual listing page and search hits are how many times people searched and your listing was displayed in the search results.

Q. My horse was sold or leased, what now?
A. Mark it as sold or leased. Sign in to your user account and click on "My Ads." Find the ad you would like to mark as sold, and click "Mark Sold" or "Mark Leased." Your user information will be removed from the ad and you will not be contacted any longer, but the ad will still be visible under the "Sold" page. To delete the ad, sign in to your account and click 'delete ad' for the ad(s) you would like removed. We do not store deleted ads. It is permanently removed from our database.


Q. My horse in injured, can I pause my ad for a few months?
A. Yes, please contact us and we can pause the ad for you.



Q. Can I list my business or all of my horses on one ad?
A. Only one horse per listing is permitted. If you are interested in purchasing a link on our homepage to your business, please Place a Barn Link (this may be done through your account).

Q. Can I post stallion-at-stud ads?
A. Yes, we offer stud listings for stallions in addition to our sale ads.


Q. Can I post an ISO/horse wanted, rider wanted, real estate or other type of ads?
A. We do not offer these types of advertisements at present.

Please contact us with any other questions you have so we can better serve you!