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Before sending us a message, please check answers to common questions:

Q: How do I cancel my BIGEQ+ membership?
A: Cancel in your account anytime here.

Q. I cancelled my BIGEQ+ membership, why is it still active?
A. After cancellation, membership will continue to the last day of your current subscription and then expire.

Q: I am not receiving the Password Reset email.
A: First check your Junk/Spam folder for the link. If it's not there then check your other email accounts in case you registered your BIGEQ account under an alternative email address. Email us if you need more assistance and we can manually reset it.

Q. I am not receiving inquiry messages to my email.
A. Please check your BIGEQ messages in your account regularly instead of relying on email. Increasingly email is not a reliable communication method due to excessive filtering by many email services. View your messages here.

Q: Can you mark my ad as sold or leased?
A: You can mark your ad as sold in your account here.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: No. If we do, we will announce it on our homepage blog and social media, so please follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook.

Q. When will my ad be posted to social media?
A. Showcase and Select ads are posted to our Facebook Page, Group and Twitter within an hour after being purchased. Custom posts for Showcase ads take 1-2 business days to create and post after ad purchase. Custom posts are added M-F only. You will be able to see your horse on our IG profile page or stories, and our FB Page and story.

Another question? More answers are here: BIGEQ Frequently Asked Questions



If you still need assistance, we're happy to help! We are a small business with a small team, but it is our goal to respond within 1 business day, excluding weekends and United States Federal holidays. We ask you to please write with courtesy and respect. We will work to resolve any issue that may arise.

Please include the following in your message:
• your first and last name
• email associated with your BIGEQ account
• phone (optional - we don't offer phone support but this can help us locate your account)
• the name of your horse if you have an advertisement with us

Our email address:


If you feel your email message has not been received, you may also send a DM to our Instagram account @bigeq