Congratulations to our buyers and sellers! Thank you for using Bigeq.com to buy and sell your hunter/jumper and equitation horses and ponies.


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I have sold several horses on Bigeq. It is a great resource for hunters/jumpers!!!
-- Ellen Eakin

Thank you! A friend told me Bigeq is the place she looks when she wants to buy... so I listed a pony for sale and he sold in less than a week through this site! I would definitely use this site again.
-- Christina Morin

Bigeq.com is always our go-to online way to advertise our horses for sale!
-- Catherine Hynes

I’m so happy that Bigeq was able connect myself and my horse to the best lease option for us.
-- Miranda Pifer

I love this site and will continue to use it as always. Over the years very pleased. Thank you!
-- mari pitts

Cuba has found a fantastic new home and a lovely new owner, we know he will be very happy. Thanks Bigeq!
-- Katie White

Bigeq.com has been a very successful platform for selling and leasing horses.
-- Alexandra Lohr

Took a horse that has been hard for me to sell and made it easy!
-- Shannon Eckel

We were thrilled to work with Bigeq.com to lease our wonderful pony to a fabulous home!
-- Martine Hartogensis

I have found my amazing ponies for my daughter on Bigeq.com and have sold them as well. A fantastic service!
-- Shannon Stichman

We sold Cool off of a Bigeq.com inquiry. They were the first to come try him and bought him. Excellent experience! Thanks!
-- Lena Licata

Great response with Bigeq. Although the winter was not a time for selling horses up north, as soon as spring hit, the mare was sold within a couple weeks!
-- Bobbi Healey

Great experience using Bigeq, will use again in the future!
-- Katie Ziggas

Bigeq was the key in finding our pony his new forever home. Thanks for the quality website!
-- Debbie McFadden

I had multiple calls and emails within minutes of posting ad. My horse was leased with in two weeks. Of the three ads I posted online Bigeq.com was the easiest ad to submit and I had the most interest coming from it.
-- Lindsay Vander Woude

Worth the ad fee! Lots of solid leads from this site and not just tire kickers!
-- Susan Hyjek

I was amazed at how quickly I got serious responses to my ad. People who came to see him were buyers, not tire kickers. The exposure was great. I would use your site again for sure!!
-- martha wallace

Bigeq is a very helpful resource for selling horses! Thank you!
-- Erin Rayburn

Bigeq was a great tool to get our horse out there and seen. We directed all inquires to view the ad, as all the information is in one place. It saves sending multiple video links, over and over, to potential buyers. Any horse we sell will be advertised thru Bigeq for that reason alone.
-- Jen O'Neill

This site brought a lot of attention to the horse I listed for sale. Though it is not the reason he sold, I appreciate the site and think it is very user friendly.
-- Hailey Guard

I have used Bigeq.com to buy and sell horses and have had great experiences every time! It's by far the best way to market a horse across North America.
-- Natalie Bova

Bigeq.com connected me with buyers outside of my area. Buyers that were looking in the price range that I was selling. I will be a repeat user when needing to sell a horse again.
-- Susan Mattox

Thank you Bigeq.com! Smoke Tree Jive was sold through Bigeq.com in less than a month! Brook DeAngelis
-- Brook DeAngelis

All the best to our wonderful horse Optimus Prime. A very special horse. We will miss him but will be so happy that he will receive the love he deserves with his new lucky owner. Hope to see Optimus in Grand Prix ring one day ❤️
-- Crystal Hawerchuk

The second horse I sold this week because of this site!
-- Jenna Rogerson

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