Congratulations to our buyers and sellers! Thank you for using Bigeq.com to buy and sell your hunter/jumper and equitation horses and ponies.


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I loved using BigEq for selling my horse. We had lots of calls and inquiries! It only took us two months to sell our horse using this site!
-- Courtney Poole

We sold this horse through a contact we met on Bigeq! We only wish Bigeq would re-run the Instagram ads more frequently.
-- Christina Schauder

The day after I listed my pony, the eventual buyer contacted me. He found his perfect home and we have found our next pony on Bigeq.com as well.
-- Suzanne Griffin

Thank you Bigeq for providing a quality platform to showcase sale horses and ponies to serious buyers.
-- Evelyn MacPherson

Bigeq worked great to get the word out!
-- Andrea Guzinski

Bigeq was amazing, I got so many good leads off of the site, and would highly recommend to others.
-- Emma Schwartz

Didn’t end up selling through Bigeq, but did get inquiries!
-- Lauren Schwendel

Tried advertising on Facebook and it’s amazing how many tire kickers there are on there that never materialized into serious interested parties everyone wants something for free. I was then referred to Bigeq and got multiple qualified buyers to fly to see my horse and he sold In 2 weeks to a no-nonsense buyer and he got a great home! Would definitely go this route first next time! Biggest thing I would change is being able to upload videos directly from my phone versus having to put them on YouTube first but not that big of a deal just a convenience/time factor.
-- Kathy Lunsford

Generated a ton of potential buyers!
-- Anna Huggins

So far I have had a great experience with Bigeq! Would definitely recommend.
-- Lynne Lapointe

Very satisfied with my advertising experience on Bigeq. Sold my horse in under one month! I got great results from Bigeq. Informed buyers ready to make the purchase.
-- Denise Furtkevic

We have sold our horse, Annie. Please remove our ad. Thanks for your help! Great advertising service!!
-- Meagan Milne

Our Bigeq.com ad generated almost immediate, serious inquiries. We were thrilled to be connected with a kind, experienced party who purchased our sweet mare and will provide her with a lovely new home full of barn girls to dote on her.
-- Catherine Milne

As usual, good exposure, serious buyers, quick sale. I always take a Bigeq.com listing for my better horses.
-- RL Massuccco Jr., DVM

We sold our filly! Thank you so much for providing me a professional site to work with.
-- Lisa Hunt

Great Website, great response to our add!
-- Debbie Symes

As always THANK YOU for providing such an excellent platform for serious shoppers. I was able to lease my pony within 3 days of listing her.
-- Amber Asbell-Jackson

Bigeq.com is amazing. We have sold or leased 3 horses through this site. They are always willing to help out when prices or situations change.
-- Kelly Gulino

My first time using and was very user friendly on both desk top and phone and easy to send to people. Will definitely use again.
-- Laura Norment

This is really how to sell a horse! They get the ads out there for more eyes to see. The price seems like a lot at first (especially for a premium ad) but it was well worth it in the end.
-- Sarah Gonzales

We leased our horse to someone that found him through Bigeq! Wonderful home and family. Thank you!
-- Terrie Shibley

Bigeq was a great resource for selling my colt!
-- Olinda Blackburn

Great website that is very easy to use! I have had quite a few inquiries thanks to the website!
-- Krystal Lee

Many people use this site. I had a lot of calls even through the winter. As soon as the air became warmer, I had buyers. The site was easy to use. I could easily add more videos, etc. Thank you!
-- Wendy Ravino

Thank you for the opportunity to sell Blue to a great family!
-- Melissa Hill

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