Show Shots: Gone Gray

Jan. 22, 2012

There's a host of beautiful grays competing in the upper level jumpers... so we gathered a little collection of photographs from WEF weeks 1 and 2 for your enjoyment. :)

So... enjoy!


Laura Kraut and Azzaro Van't Hagen Hof


Bull Run's La Bamba

Bull Run's La Bamba and Kristen Vanderveen

CC Top and Marilyn Little-Meredith


Swagger and Debbie Stephens


Zilverstar VDL and Candice King


Marlo and Darragh Kenny


Valentia and Laura Chapot


and one more of Valentia and Laura


So it seems that Wellington's gone gray! Bravo to all the grooms who keep these horses sparklingly clean for the show ring - we're sure it's not an easy task!


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