Aug. 31, 2011

Dear Bigeq visitors,

A) thank you as always - business is going great and we are looking forward to an active and successful fall selling season!

B) and this is the real news: we've joined Pinterest. Wahoo! It's mainly for fun - as we looove to shop around the internet for horsey stuff we like. So now we can collect it and share it with you on Pinterest! So please follow us on there if you ilke - and we look forward to sharing lots of cool horsey and hunter jumper stuff over there.

C) To encourage better quality photo submissions on, we will also periodically feature photos on Pinterest linked from our website that are of exceptional quality under "Best Photos on Bigeq." We don't endorse the horses or ponies in any way - we just want to celebrate quality photographs and encourage our users to present their horses as well as possible.

Nothing is more discouraging to us than to receive a disappointed email from a customer who received few inquiries. It is heartbreaking to look at their ad and see a horrible photo and realize they might have a nice horse, but it's so poorly presented that it's not going to get any clicks. Then we get the blame. We're not perfect and we offer a great service, but our customers have to make the effort to present their horse well in order increase the chance for things to work out! So please, please try to put up nice photos and quality videos with your ad.

So that's it! It's fall finals time - and we wish everyone good luck at their various local, zone, regional and national finals!