Congratulations to our buyers and sellers! Thank you for using Bigeq.com to buy and sell your hunter/jumper and equitation horses and ponies.


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Sold our pony quickly and easily! Thank you for this great platform!
-- Brittany Haynie

Thank you so much. My first experience with Bigeq is amazing.
-- Kim Bressers

Very easy to post horses for sale on Bigeq. LOTS of hits and enquiries from right across North America. Have used your website in the past and will continue to do so. Even in these difficult times its nice to be able to sell horses safely to serious interested buyers.
-- Cheryl Schatz

Love the site!! It is the best. Keep promoting so that we keep getting tons of people looking at our horses and ponies.
-- Delia A. Apollo

Sold to a sweet and loving family in upstate New York!
-- Jennifer Righi

BIGEQ has been a blessing! Selling horses has become much easier using this website! Thank you for the great customer support!
-- Melanie Frappier

Bigeq is very good and will use it in the future!
-- Laurin Sofia

Bigeq has been great. Had many inquiries on my horse which led to the sale. Thank you.
-- Lynn Blanchette

Bigeq was amazing. So many calls. And disappointed people when our horse sold so fast!
-- Andrew Lustig

Big eq was extremely helpful in finding potential leasers for our pony!
-- Cameryn Minunni

Great service! Ad was easy to post and received lots of exposure. Sold within a week.
-- Nonie Smart

Great service!
-- Robin Hicks

I get the most inquiries with Bigeq ads. I also receive knowledgeable buyers, who have relevant questions. I will continue to use Bigeq when I need to sell another pony or horse.
-- Madeline Radosevic

Easy to add listings and modify them as required. A good service.
-- Constance Gilbert

My horse would not have found the most perfect, loving home if it was not for Bigeq!! Cannot recommend listing your horse on Bigeq enough!
-- Ari Prinz

Although I think Facebook was where they initially saw that my pony was available, it was nice to send them to Bigeq for more pictures, videos, and information. Thank you.
-- Andrea Guzinski

Sold my pony through Bigeq.com. Will be using again, thank you!
-- Olivia Walt

Great design and layout. Easy to use. Gets a lot of exposure!
-- Erin Lockwood

Outstanding. This is a very easy and straightforward site to use. Created the ad with ease, and I am certainly not the most technologically educated person. Many people responded to the listing. Horse sold in about 3 weeks. Highly recommend Bigeq.
-- Diane Market Gaston

Sold in a week and a half on Bigeq!! I had my large hunter pony for sale by word of mouth for three months. Then we placed a Facebook post for two months. In that five months, four potential buyers came to try our pony, resulting in no offers. Then I placed a Premium Bigeq advertisement. We had several contacts and two offers. A week and a half after the ad was placed, she was sold. Thank you Bigeq!
-- Olivianne Mardis

Sold my second pony off Bigeq! Wonderful site to use. Thank you again!
-- Sarah Lowe

My horse actually didn't start getting inquiries until I listed her on Bigeq. It was easy to create an ad, and the format of the ad makes it look very professional. She sold within 30 days.
-- Lynn Mueller

Thank you Bigeq.com! My home-bred pony found the perfect child to love and carry over many courses!
-- Casey Powell

Bigeq produced the most interest out of several sites where we advertised our pony Whether selling or buying Bigeq was the easiest to navigate and it has the best looking site.
-- Wyatt Fountain

Bigeq was excellent - Thank you!
-- Angela Bromenschenkel

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