Congratulations to our buyers and sellers! Thank you for using Bigeq.com to buy and sell your hunter/jumper and equitation horses and ponies.


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All the best to our wonderful horse Optimus Prime. A very special horse. We will miss him but will be so happy that he will receive the love he deserves with his new lucky owner. Hope to see Optimus in Grand Prix ring one day ❤️
-- Crystal Hawerchuk

The second horse I sold this week because of this site!
-- Jenna Rogerson

Great site, my horse sold to the US to a wonderful home.
-- Jenna Rogerson

Generates lots of good leads, and eventually sold my horse to one of them. Very happy with the reach of this website. Had a lot of serious buyers call or email with questions, some with a trainer, but not all. Very happy that I listed on this site.
-- Catherine Rudow

The horse wasn't sold as a result of the Bigeq.com ad, but when the people who bought him were interested I was able to easily share his pictures and videos using a link to his ad, so that was very helpful!
-- Nancy Buzzetta

I have the best experience using Bigeq.com as my go-to place for selling horses! Its easy format makes searching and selling horses very efficient and the less cluttered look makes it appealing for both the seller and the buyer. I never use any other site to sell my horses. Thanks for all you do! ~ Barb
-- Barbara Bouck

Thank you for your service. This website got him a lot of traffic and it was really easy to use.
-- Tonya Kubis

Bigeq gave my horses great exposure to the people who were looking for what I was offering. It took 1 month and I leased one of my horses. I will definitely use Bigeq for all my sales/lease horse advertising.
-- Sandie Springer

Great service, easy to use. Shaman went to a wonderful girl, Jessica, in California. Can't wait to see their accomplishments together!! FoxEye Ranch
-- Chris Mensch

Great experience with Bigeq.com, 2nd horse I've sold off the site!
-- Melissa Smith

Positive experience with Bigeq.com. Numerous inquiries.
-- John Crenshaw

Bigeq.com is a fantastic resource!
-- Ginny King

Very easy to list a horse or pony for sale! I had a buyer call me the day our pony was listed and a week later, she was sold!
-- Katie McKusky

Love it. Have had serious buyers contact thru Bigeq.com. Facebook seems to have more tire kickers. A great place to sell quality horses/ponies. Will use again in future!
-- maggie hurst

Bigeq.com is the site to use to sell your horse. Your ad will be seen by so many looking for that specific horse. Well worth the cost to find that perfect home.
-- linda smith

The eventual buyer of Casablanca first spotted her on your site. Thank you.
-- Julie Walker

Bigeq.com helped me to find a great home for my pony.
-- cindy styron

We were very fortunate to find a wonderful lease home for our very special pony. Thank you so much Bigeq.com for being such a valuable resource to the horse industry!
-- Martine Hartogensis

Thank you. My horse sold locally because of my Biqeq.com ad.
-- Heather Werry

Bigeq.com definitely helped me find the best home for my horse, thanks!
-- Martha Wyatt-Luth

Bigeq.com worked well for us and we sold our horse quickly with this listing!
-- Gwen Wild

Putting out an add for my beloved horse seemed very daunting at first, but using this website made the re-homing process so much easier. Your website proved fail-safe and it was super easy to add photos and videos to my add.
-- Lili Bramlett

Bigeq.com is very user friendly and instantly gives sellers access to their large, desirable market of shoppers across various social media platforms. I especially like being able to add updated pictures and videos to my sale ad at any time.
-- Jennifer Lenihan

Great response to my ad. My horse sold within 24 hours!
-- Kristen McGinness

Selling on Bigeq.com was a great experience - everything went well and we sold our pony within one week. Thank you!
-- Dorothy Valeriano

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