Congratulations to our buyers and sellers! Thank you for using Bigeq.com to buy and sell your hunter/jumper and equitation horses and ponies.


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BIGEQ was wonderful, my ad reached many kindhearted people and helped in finding my horse's forever home.
-- Amanda Mooney

Sold through BIGEQ! The easiest horse sale I have ever encountered (I Have sold hundreds). Will definitely use again
-- Katie Blore

Sold through the ad!
-- Gabrielle Deschênes

I love BIGEQ!!
-- Taylor Shoars

Good experience with BIGEQ.
-- Dominic Gibbs

Within a few days of placing the ad I had numerous inquiries. Within a month Leviathan was tried and sold to a wonderful family. Thank you BIGEQ for a smooth and flawless advertising process!
-- RyLee Haugh

Thank you so much! Always a pleasure working with BIGEQ.
-- Christine Pritchard

Buyer found on BIGEQ! Thanks!
-- Catherine Labbé

Showcase Ad was definitely worth it as I got much more exposure for my horse and ultimately got her sold without having to send her to a sale barn saving me thousands in commissions.
-- Liz Stewart

First time using Bigeq.com and very happy with the results. Was able to lease within one week of posting. I really like being able to see how many hits you are getting on a daily basis. I would use again.
-- Jennifer Connor

Wonderful as always!
-- Pippa Moon

Wonderful easy to use. Thank you
-- Michele Goodrich

Great experience with Bigeq! Would use again!
-- Els Van Hierden

I have had a great experience using Bigeq.com. Managing ads is very easy with this application and I've been very satisfied with the amount of coverage my horses have had.
-- Jack Tower

Thank you Bigeq for getting my listing out there. Easy to use and will use again to sell additional horses.
-- Ashley Wilson

My buyer found my horse on BIGEQ! Thank you!
-- Catherine Labbé

Our recent sales horse was under contract within 3 weeks of listing and sold in 5 weeks. Although we had an excellent horse to market- the professional platform that Bigeq provides is an immense help connecting buyers and sellers of top sport horses around the world. Bigeq was great to work with and replied immediately when I had some trouble uploading photos from the photographer. The Showcase ad was shared through their social media and I really feel his information reached the right people quickly. Thanks again Bigeq! HM Equestrian & Sport Horse Heather Metz
-- Heather Metz

Great coverage and lots of inquiries with BIGEQ. Thanks.
-- Jamie Sullivan

Amazing - sold quickly. Thank you!
-- Heather Boyko

Bigeq is a very good sales website. Sold my horse within 2 weeks.
-- Emmanuelle Mongeon

Great exposure to buyer market. Sale was quick and easy. Thank you.
-- Elizabeth Kelley

Great website. I like the layout and the information that Bigeq shows.
-- Mary Pettey

It was great! Will definitely use Bigeq again.
-- Jessica Williams

Great experience selling my young hunter on BIGEQ! BIGEQ’s marketing campaign was comprehensive and reached a broad clientele base through the website and social media channels. Horse was sold to a quality and qualified buyer within a week! —IA Sporthorses
-- India Adams

Bigeq is the best professional service for listing sale horses.
-- Ayelet Hurvitz

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