Embed Your Listings

June 4, 2009

Another day, another upgrade, and we're slowly going to highlight them. (And by the way, the movie we hinted at in the Twitterpated entry is "What About Bob?" and the whole baby steps theme...)

So back to more baby steps:

We're trying to make it very simple for sellers, buyers or anyone to spread the word about their horses. Let's pretend you own "Maverick," a horse recently listed on Bigeq.com (who is, by the way, extremely beautiful and appears to have been on the cover of Dover, how awesome!).

So you're trying to market the horse, and you want to put him on your farm website. Now, with a few copy and paste clicks, you can put a link to your ad on Bigeq.com.

• Just scroll down to the bottom of the ad to this section: "Embed this listing on your website or blog."

• If you want to put a text link (no photo) on your blog or website, just copy the code in the box below "Basic text."

• If you want to put a photo link on your blog or website, just copy the code on the box below "Image Link."

• Once you've copied your code, go back to your blog or website, and simply paste it in. Once your horse is loaded into the Bigeq.com database, you can now just copy and paste their links on your website, on blogs, internet forums, Facebook, or wherever you please.

Here's what you'll get:


My horse "Maverick" on Bigeq.com


My horse "Maverick" on Bigeq.com

Think of the possibilities if you own a sales barn- now on Bigeq.com, you have one central source for listing your horses, and all you need to do is copy/paste their info to spread it about.

We hope our sellers will use this tool, and further invite anyone who finds a horse or pony on Bigeq.com to blog about them and put up some links. Enjoy this latest upgrade. :)