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Happy New Year!

Dec. 24, 2018

Hello 2019!! We're looking forward to celebrating our 20TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY in February! Woohoo!

We're also excited to continue improving our service and helping you buy and sell the best quality hunter/jumper show horses in the New Year. To aid in this, we did go ahead and raise our ad rates by $10. It's been years since we upped our rates, and this will help us keep the site current and always improving. Thank you for your continuing support of us!

Happy New Year 2019!

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5 Reasons to Love BIGEQ!

May 7, 2018

TOP 5 Reasons to Love BIGEQ - in the words of our customers!

1) IT'S A POWERFUL ORGANIZATIONAL TOOL "We directed all inquires to view the ad, as all the information is in one place. It saves sending multiple video links, over and over, to potential buyers. Any horse we sell will be advertised thru Bigeq for that reason alone."

2) IT'S SUPER USER-FRIENDLY "Of the three ads I posted online Bigeq.com was the easiest ad to submit and I had the most interest coming from it."

3) WE'VE GOT SERIOUS BUYERS "Have had serious buyers contact thru Bigeq.com. Facebook seems to have more tire kickers. A great place to sell quality horses/ponies. Will use again in future!"

4) WE'RE EASY ON THE EYES "Its easy format makes searching and selling horses very efficient and the less cluttered look makes it appealing for both the seller and the buyer. I never use any other site to sell my horses."

5) WE DO SOCIAL MEDIA SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO "Bigeq.com is very user friendly and instantly gives sellers access to their large, desirable market of shoppers across various social media platforms. I especially like being able to add updated pictures and videos to my sale ad at any time."

We've spent nearly twenty years honing and customizing our service to present your horses beautifully and to a highly focused market of hunter/jumper buyers. Our goal has been and always will be to help you sell your horses.

We know it’s a jungle out there, both online and off. Buying and selling has never been more complex and competitive. With social media companies it’s a lot to keep up on - Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and don’t get us started on Facebook… so many Groups, Pages, and an often unreliable or highly manipulated newsfeed with little to no views, unless you pay for exposure.

Amidst the chaos, BIGEQ brings simplicity and clarity to buying and selling hunter/jumpers.

Get started now! Register and place an ad here:

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Selling? Leverage BIGEQ's social media presence!

Dec. 15, 2017

Did you know BIGEQ automatically posts all new ads onto our Facebook Group and Facebook Page - TWO TIMES? With 33,000+ and growing, it saves you time and money and gives your quality hunters, jumpers and ponies for sale maximum exposure! We also have nearly 35,000 followers on Instagram, where we post a curated selection of ads pulled from our Premlum level listings. Our audience is loyal, engaged, and extremely specific to the Hunter/Jumper market - the perfect way to market your quality show horses! Give us a try today. :)

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Horse Shopping? Try the BIGEQ App!

Dec. 15, 2017

Shopping for your 2018 show partner? Looking for horses for clients? The BIGEQ App is designed for busy owners, riders and professionals who don't have time to endlessly browse tons of hunter/jumper classified websites and Facebook groups - the BIGEQ App brings EXACTLY the sales horses you're looking for right to your mobile phone. Just create a custom search in the app and VOILA! - every evening the BIGEQ app will notify you of any new listings that match your searches. It's amazingly simple. And wonderful. ;) Download it now for iOS!

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Now Available! Bigeq Branded Apparel

Dec. 15, 2017

By popular request, we've created some branded apparel. Check out our shops on:




Grab yourself a cool jacket to wear around the barn and horse shows, or a pair of our "very lucky" green socks. We've got some fun limited edition items as well. Check it out!

And hey if you're not in the mood to buy some stuff - go ahead and shop our selection of quality hunters, jumpers, and equitation horses. And don't forget all the wonderful short stirrup and beginner ponies and our many listings of pony hunters and children's pony hunters. Happy shopping!

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Announcing the Bigeq App! Now available for iPhone.

July 26, 2017

Bigeq.com is proud to introduce the Bigeq app - the most powerful mobile tool for finding quality hunter/jumper show horses and ponies for sale. Leveraging the popularity of our website and extensive collection of sales listings, the Bigeq app is custom-designed to bring exactly the sale horses you need right to your fingertips. The highlight of the app is our powerful saved search tool. The Bigeq app works for you - once a day, you’ll be notified whenever new listings match your searches! For busy horse trainers, it’s simply the most efficient method for locating sales horses for clients.

The Bigeq app presents a straightforward and intuitive shopping experience. It’s never been easier to browse our sale horses, preview videos and photos, and with a few taps call or text a seller. Easily share horses via text messages or social media, and get timely feedback on suitability from clients, trainers or friends as you shop.

We also automatically display our current sales horses in popular categories for browsing: Latest Listings, Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation Horses, Pony Hunters, Pony Jumpers, Hunter Prospects, Jumper Prospects, and Pony Prospects.

Download our app now - and stay tuned, as we plan to continue adding features!

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NOTICE: Site Upgrades April 2017

April 25, 2017

Hi everyone!

We’ve just completed our latest round of upgrades - most of the improvements based on your feedback. So thank you for helping us make our service better and better!

There are a few important changes for you, and especially our sellers, to know about:

1) You can now automatically upgrade your listing from Basic to Premium through the website. So go ahead, upgrade that ad!

2) Premium Ads will now “refresh” and be bumped to the top of the search results every TWO months!

3) You can now list two jumping abilities for your horses, the height at which they are CURRENTLY showing, and their PROSPECTIVE ability. This is especially helpful for young horses and horses in training. Now users can search for horses actively showing at a certain height, or search for horses that have the potential to move up with training.

4) We’ve added a Lease Price category, so sellers may now list both a sale price and a lease price. So simple and so helpful!

Let us know if you have any questions. As always, thanks for your thoughtful feedback and continuing support! Happy buying and selling your beautiful hunters, jumpers, equitation horses and ponies for sale!


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NOTICE to Sellers of Prospects on Bigeq.com

March 3, 2017

Dear Sellers on Bigeq.com,

we are working to improve our Prospects section. As part of this process, we've been working on ways to represent a horse's potential jumping ability. During this process, we did some testing which may have affected your listings. We would request that you double check to verify that the "jumping ability" which is listed on your ad is accurate, and make any changes if necessary.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve the website to better represent your quality hunter, jumper, equitation or pony prospects, please feel free to contact us!


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A Home for Sparkles

Dec. 23, 2016




The Holidays are a time to give and share love - in this spirit we're featuring a wonderful retired pony hunter, "Sparkles," who is looking for a loving permanent retirement home. She's 24 years young and has taught numerous children to ride and show. She needs a good home with kind hearted folks and children. She's currently located at Good Earth Farm / Chocolate Chip Animal Rescue in Loxahatchee, Florida. Her adoption fee is $1500. For more information, please contact Nancy Fried. Contact information is available at: http://goodearthfarm.info

Happy Holidays to all!


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Presenting Hunter/Jumper Sale Horses Online

July 15, 2016

Have you noticed that quality of show horses in America is higher than ever? We have! Go to any show (or browse our website) and see it yourself. So how does this affect you, as you work to sell your hunters, jumpers or equitation horses?

Like any horse show class, buying and selling is a competition. Selling doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it happens in a competitive marketplace, and no matter how nice your horse is, if you don’t present your ad well and professionally, you will miss out on potential buyers. Not only that, but show horses are a luxury item, and it’s not a large market to begin with - especially if your horse is in the higher price categories.

With this in mind, it is imperative that sellers are mindful of every detail about their horse’s presentation to the buying public. Our goal here at Bigeq.com is to help you present your horse elegantly and professionally - and we think we do a good job of it — but even then, we can only do so much. With this in mind, here are some extremely important tips for presenting your sales horse well on Bigeq.com:


Whoever will buy your horse or pony is doing so for a reason: to win a hunter class, teach a child the ropes in short stirrup, help move a junior or amateur from the 3’ divisions to the 3’6” divisions, to fly around high level jumper courses, or what have you.

So your main photo, and any photo, should show what your horse will DO for the buyer - and this is best accomplished with a professional quality jumping photo, or for hunters, perhaps a stunning hack-winning flat movement shot. Sometimes we see nice championship presentation photos, and this might be a fine alternative because it allows the buyer to place themselves in the winning scenario that the horse will provide. If neither of those is available, then a simple side conformation shot will do, but make sure you set up the photo in a location with a clean background and with the horse’s side lit by light/sunshine.

We sometimes see sellers post candid photos of a horse’s head, a horse and rider cuddling, or the horse hanging out in the pasture or stall. These photos will NOT sell your horse, unless your horse is the cutest horse on the planet. The trouble is that everyone thinks that about their horse, but buyers won’t. Save those photos for yourself.

And lastly, some technical suggestions: 1) Crop it! The photo should be cropped so the jump/horse fills the frame. 2) Make sure you submit a high resolution photograph for use on the website; pixellated or grainy photos will not attract buyers (email us if you need assistance).  3) Avoid screenshots from mobile phones and video captures.

If the photos look low quality, the subconscious message you’re sending to buyers is that the horse is also low quality - and worse, that you might not be professional about selling your horse.


Photos are great at catching a buyer’s attention, but the video is what will sell your horse.

Competition videos are the best. This is what the buyer wants to see, because this is what the buyer wants to DO. We live in a great time, where many videos, especially from large AA shows are available online. Our website accommodates videos by simply linking to those - easy peasy!

If you go the route of taking your own videos, please, please, please, hold your camera still, use a zoom to follow the horse, and don’t talk through it. If you edit and upload it yourself to YouTube or another file sharing service, don’t add in music. It’s distracting. While you may ride your show courses with your favorite song running through your head to keep a rhythm, potential buyers don’t need the distraction. And may hate hearing repetitions of “Eye of the Tiger” or whatever Rihanna song inspires you…

Get to the point and consider starting your video immediately with your horse’s strength - a winning course perhaps. Avoid long warmups at the walk/trot/canter followed by a drawn out jumping session. Cut out excess time, and post a concise video covering your horse’s abilities. If your video lags, users may grow impatient and simply close the window and move on. That’s the blessing and the curse of the internet - users want info quick and if not, there’s always something else to move on to.


A little mystery doesn’t hurt! In your text descriptions, keep it cool, professional, and concise with a summary of the horse’s abilities, competition history, positive behavioral attributes (ships, clips, good for vet, etc.). Try to avoid personalizing the horse too much (“he’s such a pet, his favorite treat is donuts”, “if you scratch his withers he curls his lip, etc.”). Just mentioning that the horse has a kind, people-friendly personality will suffice.

Again, your ad is competing against other sale ads which may present a very similar horse, but if your ad goes off topic, it can be distracting. Get to the point, and serious buyers will call anyway wanting more info, and then you can get into the minute details of the horse.

Hopefully these tips will help you as you market your hunter/jumper horses and ponies for sale or lease. If you need any assistance or would like help in selecting which photos and videos will best represent your horse, we’re happy to offer suggestions! Feel free to be in touch with any questions - and as always - thank you for using our service! Happy buying and selling!


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