What's BIGEQ+? A private sales group powered by BIGEQ

Nov. 3, 2023

A private sales group powered by BIGEQ

Benefits of BIGEQ+
√ Active and Authentic Buyers and Sellers.
√ The nominal fee shared by all limits tire-kickers and scammers.
√ Affordable alternative to cluttered and chaotic FB Groups and Socials.
√ Unlimited BIGEQ+ listings for sellers with a membership, using our existing easy submission process.
√ BIGEQ+ Listings are seamlessly integrated into our traditional platform, offering a preview for all shoppers and full view for active BIGEQ+ shoppers.
√ Perfect for marketing a few extra horses or an entire stable full of sale horses -- or finding your next champion!

Join today! Shop or sell, it’s just a few bucks a month, not horse bucks! ;)