Congratulations to our buyers and sellers! Thank you for using Bigeq.com to buy and sell your hunter/jumper and equitation horses and ponies.


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Bigeq was wonderful! So many responses from so many lovely people who knew what they wanted and were easy to work with. The site is super easy to use, too.
-- Deirdre Norman

Great website for selling Hunter/Jumper horses. Easy to operate!
-- Staci Gust

This site was very helpful for me to use with my schedule. Top notch listing service and plan on using BIGEQ in the future!
-- Sarah Lowe

Bigeq was a huge help in marketing my horse to other parts of the country. Facilitated that sale.
-- Alexis Bodo

I tried selling my horse through multiple other services and he didn't get half the attention that he did on BigEq. I'm convinced that putting him on Bigeq is why he sold.
-- Kate Gurvis

Once again, happy with the results. Thanks for everything, great sales website!
-- Skye McBride

I appreciate having Bigeq to aid in buying and selling horses! It really helps with great exposure!
-- Nicole Mancuso

Always love using Bigeq!
-- Raegan Rast

Bigeq helped me lease my pony out within 2 weeks. So worth it!
-- Ava Gerardi

I loved using BigEq for selling my horse. We had lots of calls and inquiries! It only took us two months to sell our horse using this site!
-- Courtney Poole

We sold this horse through a contact we met on Bigeq! We only wish Bigeq would re-run the Instagram ads more frequently.
-- Christina Schauder

The day after I listed my pony, the eventual buyer contacted me. He found his perfect home and we have found our next pony on Bigeq.com as well.
-- Suzanne Griffin

Thank you Bigeq for providing a quality platform to showcase sale horses and ponies to serious buyers.
-- Evelyn MacPherson

Bigeq worked great to get the word out!
-- Andrea Guzinski

Bigeq was amazing, I got so many good leads off of the site, and would highly recommend to others.
-- Emma Schwartz

Didn’t end up selling through Bigeq, but did get inquiries!
-- Lauren Schwendel

Tried advertising on Facebook and it’s amazing how many tire kickers there are on there that never materialized into serious interested parties everyone wants something for free. I was then referred to Bigeq and got multiple qualified buyers to fly to see my horse and he sold In 2 weeks to a no-nonsense buyer and he got a great home! Would definitely go this route first next time! Biggest thing I would change is being able to upload videos directly from my phone versus having to put them on YouTube first but not that big of a deal just a convenience/time factor.
-- Kathy Lunsford

Generated a ton of potential buyers!
-- Anna Huggins

So far I have had a great experience with Bigeq! Would definitely recommend.
-- Lynne Lapointe

Very satisfied with my advertising experience on Bigeq. Sold my horse in under one month! I got great results from Bigeq. Informed buyers ready to make the purchase.
-- Denise Furtkevic

We have sold our horse, Annie. Please remove our ad. Thanks for your help! Great advertising service!!
-- Meagan Milne

Our Bigeq.com ad generated almost immediate, serious inquiries. We were thrilled to be connected with a kind, experienced party who purchased our sweet mare and will provide her with a lovely new home full of barn girls to dote on her.
-- Catherine Milne

As usual, good exposure, serious buyers, quick sale. I always take a Bigeq.com listing for my better horses.
-- RL Massuccco Jr., DVM

We sold our filly! Thank you so much for providing me a professional site to work with.
-- Lisa Hunt

Great Website, great response to our add!
-- Debbie Symes

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