Congratulations to our buyers and sellers! Thank you for using Bigeq.com to buy and sell your hunter/jumper and equitation horses and ponies.


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I just wanted you to know that my horse Miss Congeniality was sold. Thank you for your web page.
-- Cherie Mason

Hi, I would like to inform you that "Wasn't Me" has sold. We got many calls from listing on this site. Thanks!!
-- anonymous

Please be advised that Madoc Coppertone Girl has been leased for the upcoming year. thanks for your help.
-- Linda groher

Hello, I just wanted to let you know my pony "Copper Streak" has been sold! Thanks to your website in fact!
-- June Gillis-Ahern

Gold Coast Pony is Sold. Thank You. I love your website. I always get a great response from my ads.
-- Lori C. Postal

Our pony has been Sold-Thanks for your help!!!!!!
-- Patti Henderson-Monti

Please place a "SOLD" notation for "Escapade". Thank you for your excellent service, I received lots of responses.
-- Suki Ritter

Thanks so much for everything, this site has already sold several ponies of mine. Thanks again.
-- Jennifer Simmons

The last horse I listed with you (pony jumper) sold via your site!
-- Jackie Freundlich, EquestriSol

Your website is great way to sell ponies & horses. We should know in a few days, but we may have sold the pony. If so, it will be a result from the ad on bigeq...I'll let you know. So, thank you very much! I've already recommended your website to others. Thanks.
-- Hilary Hyland

Hi, my pony "Count Me In" sold last week! Thank you for your services.
-- Patti Culver

Hi, Your site has been great, I had lots of interest and have sold my horse. Thanks for the great site!
-- Laura Sweeny

Dear bigeq, I posted an ad for a small pony Black Magic. He has been sold. Could you please put up that he has been sold because we are still getting replies!!! :-) Thanks so much.
-- Amanda Miller

The ad can be removed or marked as sold for the horse named "All-Star" Thank you very much for your service! Great web site!
-- Nicole Wesolowski

HI, One Small Miracle has been sold. Thank you so much for the use of the website. She was sold to someone who saw her on bigeq! I will definitely use this site in the future.
-- Wendy Crookes

The large pony, "Tinker", has been sold. Thanks for running our ad. You've done a great job with the web site.
-- Carol Rolfs

Dear big eq- i wanted to thank you for posting my horse for sale ad for the northeast- We sold him today and are so happy with his new home.
-- Brook DeAngelis

Big Eq, We have sold the horse named "Cisco". Thanks! We have received inquiries on both of the horses that we listed with bigeq.
-- Phil Layton

Please mark "irish Rain" as sold. He was sold from your website. Thank you! Noticed that my ad for pony, NIK NAK, listed in Northeast section, isn't listed as "SOLD" yet - please get that in the ad as soon as possible. Am still receiving numerous inquiries. Thank you.
-- Lynn Stephenson

My pony is sold yesterday. Thank you so much for your web site it helped me out immensely. I will always make sure to use you in the future. Thanks again.
-- Priscilla Godsoe Greenfields Inc.

Thanks to your site, I have sold yet another pony: please take my ad off the site or mark her as sold. Thanks again for providing this wonderful service!
-- anonymous

Bigeq.com, Thanks so much for your services. I have sold many horses and ponies that were posted on your site...Thanks again for your wonderful service.
-- Jennifer Simmons

The large pony "Cover Me" has been sold. Thanks for your help in this matter.
-- Ken Kunsman

I have recently sold 2 of the ponies I had posted on your site. Let me just say again Thanks so much for posting these ponies it really helped me to make a sale.
-- Jennifer Simmons

This pony is SOLD! We thought you had marked it sold, but we got another inquiry.
-- Jackie Freundlich, EquestriSol

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