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Quarantino Blue

2020, 16.2 hand, Canadian Warmblood Gelding - Hunter



Quentin is the real deal. This young gelding will make a perfect mount for the confident junior/amateur. He is still young, but displays all the qualities to make a top notch horse. 

This guy has been carefully brought along. He has a solid foundation and ready to begin his show career. His gates are an absolute dream to ride. He has the most lovely floating trot and a rocking-horse canter. Quentin has a great brain and a good work ethic. He really thrives when faced with a challenge and is the kind of horse that when he gets something, he has got it (no need to drill it over and over again). I truly feel like he craves a relationship with his rider and wants to answer every question asked of him, correctly. What more can you ask for, but a horse that has a solid try-attitude. 

He seems to really enjoy being off-property and I believe he will love being a show horse and going on all kinds of adventures with his new Owner. He has also started jumping and has really taken to it. He has a natural cadence and shows good form. I have even popped him over a few scary filled jumps and planks and those have been no big deal to him. Lead changes are also being worked on (can get them both directions) and will only improve with time and practice.

All the pieces are there and he is ready to start showing them off. ​

This love bug is looking for his next person to have fun and go on adventures with. Come try him and realize how truly special he is!

Specs & Price

16.2 hands
Canadian Warmblood
Currently showing 0"
Prospect - In Training
Sale Price $20 - 39k USD

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Listed On 7/09/2024