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2018, 16.2 hand, Thoroughbred Gelding - Hunter



Henri is a 3 year-old TB. Jumps in great form, and will go over any jump you point him at. Will excel most in hunters as his natural disposition is to take his time to, over, and after the jumps. Has tagged along to several shows for experience and is the same mellow guy at horse show venues as he is at home. Extremely brave and kind-hearted. Very laid-back, and wants to please his rider. Has a great brain. Same horse on and off property. Will trail-ride with other horses or go alone.

Specs & Price

16.2 hands
Hunter, Equitation
Currently showing 0"
Prospect for 3'6" or 1.05, 1.10m
Prospect - In Training
Sale Price $27000

Horse Show Record

USEF #5737719
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Listed On 1/22/2022