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Duncan Donut

2009, 13.3 hand, Welsh Pony Gelding - Hunter



Duncan Donut “Donut” 2009, 13.3hh Serious, sweet, fancy show pony looking for an assertive advanced beginner or intermediate rider who are on a budget and in a program (a rider who knows how to ride leg to hand, keep their leg on and not grab at the reins for balance or jump up his neck). Has a motor but listens very well to reins. Would do well in dressage as well.

He will walk/trot/canter with lead changes, jumps/showed up to 2’6 and knows all the medal tests. All ways gets a hack ribbon. Can pull off handys and classics well. Has played in the jumper ring at local shows including champions. He is more downhill then up hill in his way of going. No spook, loves having a job with ONE rider (currently been used in a small lesson program and it’s not his niche). Does better with a no nonsense show kid (pre-teen or teen or even adult). Rider in his jumping video is 5’10, rider in his flat clips is 5’5) He is build solid so he can take adults as well.
Donut will trail ride, go bareback, play games, loads, bathes, stands for farrier, REALLY doesn’t like the vet (needs to be tranqed. which the vet has to be sneaky about) is ok for clipping most of the time. Does not need to be ridden everyday. Is the same pony every time he comes out. Is the same at home and at shows. He’s a sensitive chestnut and can be crabby about being groomed (will pin his ears) if currying hard. Sometimes craby with certain girths. While he appreciates his rider/handler he can have pony tricks (if it’s nice out you have to use a treat to catch him, we leave his halter on or he stays inside). He can live inside or out as he gets fat on air (gets a handful of grain am/pm and hay/pasture). He’s been at my barn for 6 years and he came without shoes, we have never put them on even when he was showing regularly. He is on an 8 week schedule for trims. I had brought him into the barn for an 8 year old kid to show but the family had to move so Donut entered the lesson/lease program and was shown by a few different riders in everything from walk-trot through 2’6 rated classes.
Trainer & Adult inquiries only. His price reflects is distain for the vet and chestnut sensitivity.

Specs & Price

13.3 hands
Welsh Pony
Currently showing 2'6" or 0.75, 0.80m
Prospect for 2'6" or 0.75, 0.80m
3+ Years Showing
Sale Price $8000

Horse Show Record

USEF #5299211
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