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Coco Beach Z

2008, 16.2 hand, Zangersheide Gelding - Jumper



SO talented jumper rider, with big dreams and small wallet!

Read carefully, yes, you with the 11YO talented junior rider learning to jump 2'6, this horse is not for you. Same if the kid is 12.. And you mom, who rode before going to college and getting back to ride and looking to enjoy getting back in the saddle on a schoolmaster, pass as well I have better suited horses for those jobs than Ronald.
Ronald is safe, really he never puts a foot wrong. But he is particular and we want to make sure he goes to the right person.
This 12YO, 16.2H Zangersheide gelding has a hell of a show record. We are talking about top placings all the way to GP prix, win after win from 1m30 to 1m40. This guy has battled with the best of them and is a born competitor. #winnerwinnerchickendinner
That being said, for the past couple of months he has been doing the 1m/1m10 job with a petite adult rider, and apparently he is not a big fan of that gig. He thinks the smaller jumps are speed bumps, and this makes him quite strong and he is not really 'backing off". So we don't think Ronald should really do that anymore.
Also apparently, while he will actually jump from not perfect distances, he HATES being dropped at the last minute. He is more of a team player, you hold his hand, he saves your butt type of relationship. The whole, drop him, you are on your own, in the last 2 strides, scares the crap out of him. Now if you sit tall and keep your legs on, you can burry him or superman anything, he's got your back.
Ronald has been getting top ribbons at WEC the past couple of weeks all the way to 1m20, and we think with more work and time he will be able to move back up to the bigger jump. He came to us a tad unfit, so we are taking our time.

Things to know about Ronald : he gets quite strong, he rides like a cruise ship (he is quite long and likes to go with his neck and nose stuck out), he loves to show, he is a grouch in his stall, but is a love bug the minute he steps out of his stall. He has no bad habits and he is fast and experienced.
Health wise, he is really clean (sound and very little maintenance).
We think his person is a young pro, or gritty amateur or junior who wants to jump some big jumps but has limited funds and is willing to get him back up to his old glory. Right now he will be happy to cruise around 1m15/1m20 and then in a few weeks/months ease back up to 1m25/1m30 and off to the regional Grand Prix...

The horse has spent a lot of his career in Canada and I can provide the canadian show record as well.

Specs & Price

16.2 hands
Currently showing 1.45m or 4'9"
Prospect for 1.45m or 4'9"
3+ Years Showing
Sale Price $35000

Horse Show Record

USEF #5340255
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Listed On 9/01/2021

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