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9 year-old, 16.0 hand, Thoroughbred Gelding - Hunter



Safe, quiet and sound gorgeous gelding. He is a barn favorite and is very easy in turn out and handling in all circumstances. He is very sensible and very straight forward but does require an experienced rider only because he is sensitive. He is a kick ride and has never bolted etc but he gets nervous if he is over ridden especially if the rider is handsy and unbalanced. He won't do anything bad but you can tell he gets tense and confused. He likes a quiet release based ride and will stay very steady and easy. Doesn't look at jumps and doesn't get worried about them but is still green.
We have started jumping small courses and he's doing great! I bought him off the track in August of 2018 and gave him lots of time to be let down and was brought along slow and safely. He is great on trails, we canter him around the grass area's around the barn and jump little natural jumps and he doesn't bat an eye. I think he would love cross country but it's not something that we do.

He has a very nice balanced stride and a very nice hunter geared trot. I think he would excel in the children's hunters. He has lead changes on each side if you're balanced enough to ask correctly. He is petite but not small. The video's show me (I'm 5'8) and an amateur 14 yr old girl that has been riding him a lot as well Ricardo Villa doing a training ride on him.

I would be happy to answer any questions but only want the best for him so a good home is a must. He is special and everyone who see's him go falls in love with him.

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9 year-old
16.0 hands
Currently showing 2'3" or 0.7m
Prospect for 2'9" or 0.85m
Prospect - In Training
Sale Price $10k or under USD

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Sabrina Torr
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Listed New On 6/11/2019